Sweet Alchemy’s Expands Shop in Downtown New Ken

Jamie Parker, the self-taught baker and self-proclaimed alchemist, decided it’s time to expand her business, Sweet Alchemy Bake Shop. As downtown New Kensington looks to revitalize itself, more patrons are coming back down for food, drinks and entertainment. So, now is the time to make this dream shop even more of a reality!

Parker recently moved her shop on Fifth Ave. across the street into a bigger area with a spacious kitchen, plus additional seating space and a patio for guests. Plus, the building exterior is pink!

The can’t-miss pink building off Fifth Ave. is an inviting space, and also includes a free library and games for guests of all ages to play.

Sweet Alchemy is known for its tasty and inventive vegan baked goods. The menu has recently expanded to offer tea, coffee and some gluten-free grub. The menu continues to rotate and expand, so guests can enjoy a variety of goodies at any time!

During my visit, I picked up:

Chocolate Chip Cookie Sandwich
S’mores Brownie

Parker constantly has innovative ideas in mind, including hosting pop-up events like bakery crawls, plus running other partnerships with local New Ken businesses. There’s always something exciting going on at Sweet Alchemy!

Sweet Alchemy is located 945 Fifth Ave. in New Kensington.