Pittsburgh lands on “Best Cities for Beer Lovers” list


Sharing some beer news with yinz today…

A company called Lawn Love ranked 180 of the largest U.S. cities to find 2021’s Best Cities for Beer Lovers. They looked for cities with plenty of breweries, award-winning beers, cheap pints, beer-centered festivals and a big beer-loving community.

And if you’re wondering it’s a no brainer that Pittsburgh, PA should be on this list…. well, you’re 100% right!

2021’s Best Cities for Beer Lovers


1: Spokane, WA

2: Portland, OR

3: Denver, CO

4: Seattle, WA

5: Cincinnati, OH

6: Salt Lake City, UT

7: Boston, MA

8: Pittsburgh, PA

9: Fort Lauderdale, FL

10: Fort Collins, CO

With an over 250-year brewing history, it’s obvious Pittsburgh (No. 8) made the top 10. The city also finished seventh in Access and eighth in Establishment Quality. 

Where are your favorite tap houses, bars and breweries around the Burgh? 


Featured photo: Necromancer Brewery in the North Hills